Friday, 13 March 2015

Always A Womans Job

An Italian clothing company called the 'Shoeshine' brand, has got into trouble ..... it jokingly put in a washing instruction label that gave the usual instructions in Italian and English but also in English only said .... 'Give it to your mum - it's her job'.

'Give it to your mum - it's her job'.

No doubt there were lots of laughs, and knowing smiles across Europe and North America over this tongue in cheek instruction ..... but then it fell under the scrutiny of one of those no humour 'Wimmin Of The Left' who seem to have infiltrated European politics as we go through our decline.

In this case it was one Ms Federica Mazzoni, who saw this label on her friends sons cardigan. Unfortunately Ms Mazzoni, is an Italian Democratic Party MP, and also works at the equality commission in Emilia-Romagna ..... outraged, she has reported clothing manufacturer Shoeshine for sexism. She told the press ...

'Doing the washing is not the mother's job, fathers are also capable of turning a simple knob. Obviously it wasn't enough for the company to provide all the necessary useful information, it felt the need to have its say, by perpetuating a sexist message about mothers and women, which is also insulting for men and fathers. It suggests women have no other skills than staying at home and that of turning a knob to 30 ... In a mirror image, it insults men as if they were not capable of doing a simple wash. Anyway, the cardigan is still in the wash basket.'

So in fact it was her friend, not her friends male partner who was doing the wash, and apparently she couldn't manage to turn the knob to 30 ...... hmm. The company's distributor 'Unipersonale' said it was 'just a simple joke' ....

Oddly, history is on the side of the manufacturers, because a report this week by the 'Spanish National Research Council', after a study of 99 Neanderthal incisors and canine teeth, concluded that while both Neanderthal men and women used their teeth a lot (nothing revolutionary in that!), the grooves and patterns in the teeth differed between men and women because their roles were different. Their best guess was that women were responsible for tasks such as looking after fur clothing.

Neanderthal Woman, As All Women ...

In what can be classed as a sop to modern feminist sensibilities, they also considered that Neanderthal women were also obliged to help the men work, hunt those furs, as well as doing all those domestic chores .... so nothing much changed in 100,000 years it seems.


  1. Behind you Jeremy !! There are mammoths sneaking across the river!

    Advertising's a doddle these days; just say something a bit un-PC and your company name goes round the world.

    1. It should be people promoting PC Nonsense who should get laughed at around the world. Glad you appreciate the image .... took me hours to create in my ancient version of paint shop.


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