Friday, 6 March 2015

Ceres Mystery Death Star

NASA's Dawn spacecraft on its way to Ceres took these images .....

Water Volcano or Death Star Activity

The original long range photos had revealed a single light, but the latest NASA images, taken from 29,000 miles away, showed two bright lights on the surface on the dwarf planet Ceres. Speculation is that the lights might be reflections from ice, or maybe evidence of volcanic activity

Of course the 'Death Star' enthusiasts have suggested that these are electronic lights from space vehicles entering a base. Well we will soon find out, as today (the 6th of March) the spacecraft will move into orbit and presumably Darth Vader and the Empire will strike back .... or not.


  1. Fantastic!! My bet is that it's a future probe and the dwarf planet has fallen back through time.

    1. Presumably its using its gravitational mass to achieve this time dilation .... that's why the Emperor Palpatine willed it to be built that size.

  2. It's all gone quiet over there. I mean no further updates. So we all begin to wonder if the death star has struck already.

    1. Actually that is a very good point. I just assumed we would be getting images within hours but none posted on BBC. Perhaps the Dea .... no, it must be some configuration reason.


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