Friday, 27 March 2015

The Plain and Unvarnished Truth

Some people can take the plain and unvarnished truth, and others can't ..... for decades, fans of Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs, have argued over who has the most fans inside the City of Manchester .... no argument outside of Manchester, as Manchester United are the best supported team in the world (allegedly).

Well the question has been answered in the only possible way, by how many fans put their money where their loyalties are: The sports chain Sports Direct have used their shop sales to determine the truth of the matter, and settle the argument forever.

Man Utd and Man City Shirt Sales

First Fact: If you add up the all City and United shirts that were sold inside Manchester last year, an enormous 95% were Manchester United shirts, and just 5% were Manchester City ..... end of discussion. 

Second Fact: Only 10% of the total Manchester United shirts sold, are bought inside Manchester, but even that 10% far exceeds the sale of Manchester City shirts - where that figure drops to under 5% of the total shirt sales for both clubs being sold in Manchester. City fans have claimed for decades that they are the team who are supported by real Mancunians.

Last Fact: Almost 45% of Manchester United shirt sales occur in London (Second Place Dublin), and Manchester actually comes in just 3rd on the list. But City also sell the majority of their shirts in London (with Glasgow second), and for them Manchester comes in a very poor 10th for their shirt sales.

Oh and for the Liverpool Fans out there, more than half your shirt sales come from London, with Dublin second .... sales in Liverpool itself is just 4th in the sales list.

Man Utd v Man City

These are facts, not bullshit .... man up lads, and just accept the plain and unvarnished truth.  


  1. Why would you care who else supported "your" team? Men don't grow up, most of them are stuck in the playground.

    1. I hesitated to post this, knowing your strong views on the futility of men's sports, well, specifically football, Vroomfondel, but there's no getting round the fact that I am a football fan and follow a team. I also have opinions on that teams performance and its relationship with its rivals.

      Whether that interest is immature and childish or not, is a matter of opinion and debate, but its an interest I follow and share with probably 40%+ of the male population worldwide, and possibly far higher than that, if you remove south Asian males from that calculation.

      Ah well, there will be forever a little part of England, err, Southampton, where football will forever be a playground pursuit LOL

    2. Not just men's sports, and not specifically football, well OK, specifically football, I don't like crowds.

    3. Well, why do crowds at concerts, or political rallies not cause you the same angst levels that the mere mention of football does? I suspect its football full stop.

    4. No... crowds at concerts, shopping centres, etc. I don't like either, but you're right, football does have a special place in my dislikes. It's to do with the widespread worship and ultimate futility of the pursuit. But don't let me take away your enjoyment of the sport, as if I could.

    5. Spoken like a true outsider to the affliction. I never said I derived much 'enjoyment' from it. Any real follower of one club will happily admit that, following their clubs usually brings as much pain as it does pleasure (in fact usually more pain, as I am now in the process of relearning, as my club becomes distinctly second best again). I try to ignore them, but no amount of eyes shut, fingers in my ears humming 'Nah Nah Nah ....' ad-infinitum, stops me from feeling the pangs of disappointment as defeats occur, and the slim chances of a trophy swiftly decline to nothingness.

      And for any fan out there, no a scrabble for 3rd or 4th spot and a place in the 'Champions League' is not good enough ... we may not even achieve that small ambition. No, there's no denying it ..... I WANT THE GLORY DAYS BACK!!!


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