Friday, 6 March 2015

Swamped By Cultural Diversity

All the reactions listed below, are media responses to a study by influential think-tank, the  'Policy Exchange', carried out for Leeds University, which lays bare the effect of decades of immigration into the UK, and reveals the huge impact of Labour’s secret 'open door policy' to migrants between 1997 and 2010.

The research shows that the white British population will shrink from 87.1%, to just 67.1%, and the white Irish group shrinking from 2.5% to 2.1%. The 'other' white group share, will grow from 2.5% to 9.9% – the greatest gain overall. Asian groups increase their share by three percentage points, black groups by two percentage points, and Chinese and other ethnic groups by 2.6 percentage points.

The report also supports previous studies, which have shown Britain will be the Western world’s most ethnically diverse nation after 2050, with the possibility that the population from the five largest distinct black and minority ethnic communities could rocket from eight million, to 23 million people by 2051. By then the UK’s population is forecast to hit 77 million.

Britannia Could Break Up Under Mass Immigration Pressures

The Guardian: "Ethnic minorities to make up 20% of UK population by 2051 compared with 8% in 2001 - Projection of British population over 40 years shows sharp growth in ethnic groups outside of white British majority."

The Express: "UK ethnic population to boom to 1 in 3 Brits by 2051, new study reveals - ONE in three people in Britain will be from an ethnic minority by the middle of the century, a report forecasts today."

The Sun: "Melting pot UK"
  • Third of population non-white by 2051
  • MPs warned not to ignore minority vote

With the hard copy newspaper edition even headlining that whites are a minority by 2051

The Telegraph: "Ethnic minorities will make up fifth of population by 2051. Ethnic minorities are set to make up a fifth of the population by 2051, according to new research."

The BBC .... well as usual where immigration is in the news, the story was hidden away .... "UK's ethnic minority numbers 'to rise to 20% by 2051' The UK's population is set to become even more diverse with ethnic minorities set to make up a fifth of the UK population in 40 years, a University of Leeds study predicts."

All this without a shot being fired as the events unfold, or the natives ever being consulted ... now that's how to carry out an invasion. I wonder if we are so browbeaten as a population, that we will standby and let this happen without a fight? Or maybe we want it .... I don't know, because we have never been asked.  For the record currently, one in three children in state schools today is already from an ethnic minority.

One has to ask the question, when did the UK's politicians ever ask the native British if it was OK to wipe them from the map .... because whether you think that its going to be in 2051 AD .... or maybe 20 - 30 years later, at some point before 2100 AD, Britain will become a non native population majority country, and will be far more 'diverse' than the USA. That fact will never be reversed, and our history as a basically European nation may simply cease forever.

In the meantime, if this 'Globalisation / Multiculturalism' is such a good thing;
  • Will India allow 20% of its population to emigrate from Africa? 
  • Will Pakistan suddenly allow 18% of it population to come from Burma? 
  • Will 5% of Chinas population come from White immigration? 

In other words, if 'racial multiculturalism' is so good for us in the UK, why is all the rest of the world not practising it?

Well probably because its dangerous PC nonsense, that only white majority countries follow, and hardly anyone else thinks is good.

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