Friday, 14 August 2015

Guns Across The Missouri

Noticeably the so called 'peaceful protest', in Ferguson, Missouri, was accompanied by looting and arson by many of the participants, and ended in an exchange of gunfire, with a black youth downed. Also noticeable was that a very large number of semi clothed young black males were facing the police off ... and that there were no elders, or persons of community responsibility in the photos.

Ferguson Missouri Face Off - Again ...

..... A fact that tells you a lot, about the complete social breakdown of many black communities in much of the United States. Old ladies, bringing up grandchildren, in a realm in which black males are either absent in prison, or working the side-walks, moving between one woman and the next, with no sense of responsibility for their children or communities.

Its a fact that explains why nearly all black peaceful protests, are quickly hijacked and dominated by violent young men, who either want to use it as an excuse to rob and steal, or as a chance to use a crowd to hide in and shoot at the police.

Guns Across The Missouri - Ferguson Missouri 2015.

This is true in the UK as well as the US (see Manchester and London riots as examples) ... until older black community leaders start by getting a grip of their own communities issues of lawlessness, then their protests will continue to give ammunition, for those who say that they bring a lot of the problems down on themselves.

The fact that one of my earliest blog posts in 2007 was on black community violence levels, and here we are eight years later, nothing changed, and that the issue still being pussyfooted around, by politicians both here and in the USA, tells you everything you need to know about how hog tied we are, by PC politics. We dare not talk about the failure of large parts of the black communities, to assimilate, integrate, call it what you will, into mainstream white societies.

Until we do, the problem will simply get worse, not better.


  1. The fact that the peaceful protestors included gunmen intent on killing the police, was largely downplayed in the UK reports that I saw. Certainly that photograph, which appeared on at least one media outlet didn't even mention the guns which you have clearly highlighted.

    Good work.

    1. Strange isn't it? Thanks for the comment.


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