Friday, 28 August 2015

Dino Evian

Its a fact that every drop of water on planet Earth contains a little bit of Dinosaur Pee, well according to scientists. This is because they were here for 186 million years, and the vast amounts of the piss that they squirted in that period, will have percolated down into the rocks, or made it into the oceans.

Dinosaur Pee Makes The News .....

That's quite a mind boggling thought isn't it, and puts into perspective the mere 200,000 years we Homo Sapiens have been strutting our stuff. If aliens replayed the entire history of the planet up until now in a 24 hour period, we would feature on just the last two minutes ... actually not even that, as we only appear at 11:58:43 pm.

The Clock Of Life On Earth .....

We might be clever, and we may well feature prominently at the death of life on the planet (certainly at the death of our own species, and in the current mass extinction event), but when it comes to the dominant animals of Earth, the Dinosaurs will have to be classed as the dominant large species. The longest surviving of them all is likely to be the insects .... we hardly count with our 3 minutes before we are gone.  

Sometimes we need to gain a bit of perspective in our hubris.

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