Friday, 4 September 2015

The Bridgehead Into Europes Heartland

The idea that any European state would allow a jihadist training camp to be set up inside their borders would have been deemed impossible, laughable or shocking 25 years ago. But since the West decided to intervene in the Yugoslav civil wars, by stopping the partition of Bosnia-Hercegovina into its component parts, and then forcibly splitting Serbia up to create the bandit state known as Kosovo, all things have been made possible.

That Balkan crisis was the first time in three centuries, that 'jihad' had been fought against a Western, Christian enemy inside Europe itself, and the Western powers took the wrong side .... twice with results that we may all come to regret.

Bin Laden Style Compounds Are Going Up Across The Region

Now for example, we face the formation of armed Islamic bases in the heart of Europe: For instance, the village of 'Osve' in Bosnia-Hercegovina is now part of a growing number of isolated Muslim villages, where the flag of Jihad is openly displayed and the rule of armed Islamists hold sway. This as a direct result of hundreds of Arab jihadists coming to Europe to join Bosnian Muslims fighting/defending themselves against their neighbours, the Christian Serbs and Croats ....

They grouped themselves into secret fighting units in central Bosnia, and while they weren't particularly effective as fighters, they stayed on after the ceasefire, and now, two decades later, Bosnia is still paying the price of harbouring these 'allies'. In the past few months, ISIS have declared the Balkans as the next front of Jihad, and in the remote mountain villages the extremists are now flying the ISIS flag.

The Black Flags Of Jihad Are Going Up

During the war, many areas of a formerly secular Bosnian society, were infiltrated by a militant Wahhabi based Islamism, which continues to operate in their society to this day, and is threatening to turn what was the most secular of liberal of Muslim communities, into a hotbed of radicalism. This of course is something we have seen recently in North Africa and the Middle East, where erstwhile secular or moderate revolts, aka the brief 'Arab springs', were immediately hijacked by Jihadists of various colours.

Syria has been wrecked, Tunisia is on the edge, Libya never even got off the ground, Egypt is now under army rule, and the UK government is still casting about for an adequate response to the social disaster that multiculturalism created within the UKs non integrated Muslim communities.

There are some simple truths that Western politicians of all hues refuse to acknowledge.

  • Islam does not fit into a neo-liberal society and it was a mistake to think it could.
  • Any Muslim can respond to Jihadist calls to struggle, regardless of whether they are first or fifth generation immigrants .... the threat of violence from within these communities is therefore is an on-going, generation after generation risk.
  • Whilst its true that many Muslims come from different backgrounds, its also a fact that the Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia, Syria, the Caucuses, the Balkans, China, and even the Philippines have all seen jihadist activities in recent years ..... for Jihadists the Umma is the only allegiance that they recognise.
  • Unrestrained Islamic immigration via 'arranged marriages', illegal immigration and asylum seekers, is actually making any social integration harder each year .... we may be already too late in the UK, Germany and France to stop these problems.

Given these basic facts: If things carry on as they are, Islamic life will either take over swathes of many European countries, or control/constrain public policy to such an extent (to appease the large and potentially violent group), that they will change Europe and its future forever. There may even be a religiously motivated civil wars inside some countries, as the non Muslims who can't flee the 'sharia neighbourhoods', are forced to fight .... we could be balkanising a whole continent.

At the moment the public disquiet is muted as the main populations are cowed into not being able to openly talk of these things .... but already in the east of Europe and within the EU itself, these issues are coming into the mainstream as Europeans learn to fear the 'Ottoman' again.

I know its a dark subject, and to many people its unpalatable to even discuss it, but facts are facts, and turning your head away, or not discussing them will not make them go away. You can only draw the conclusion that until the West stops digging, the hole will just keep getting deeper, and the inevitable outcome be much worse. We are not just fighting an ideological war, such as that between communism and capitalism, but for the very basis of our civilisation, and the future of much of the world.

Soft words and soft actions just don't do the job .....


  1. The BBC have run a large article on the Jihadists of Bosnia.

    1. Thanks for the link .... obviously we face danger from within as well as out.


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