Friday, 18 September 2015

A Dead Cert

In one of those strange semi irreverent tributes to our friends and families, that we Brits like so much, the friends and family of a horse racing fanatic, decided to place a bet on a few horses in a memory / tribute to his abiding passion.

So while on their way to the crematorium near Southend in Essex, they stopped the funeral procession, and then went inside his local bookies, and placed a £105 accumulator (each bet runs on to the next horse in the accumulator if it wins), with the horses picked purely by its name.

One Punter Won £1million With This 50p Horse Racing Bet.

The names chosen were things that might be associated with the deceased .... this done and bet placed, they then went on to the crematorium, and the late Mr Crowe was duly cremated.

Taking It With You via Gold Coffin

However there was a strange twist in the tail, when later that day they found out that all four horses listed in the accumulator had won, which meant that there was a grand prize total was over £5,000 to be collected. Mr Crowe's friend, who had placed the bet said that Mr Crowe 'was looking over my shoulder that day'.

However after a few minutes consultation, the gamblers decided that all the money would go to charities .... A nicer way to go off to met eternity, than burying your bling.


  1. I thought for a minute that they'd put the winning ticket in with the deceased who was cremated! As ridiculous as it is to "bury your bling", archaeology would be a much poorer pursuit without Tutankhamun and the rest.

    1. Absolutely true! In fact it would be boring without grave goods ... they should have buried a horse with him like an Irish chieftain. Wish I had thought of that before posting this story!


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