Friday, 4 September 2015

The Lady Of Mars

A shadow effect on the rocks of Mars appears (with a bit of imagination) to be that of a woman ..... or rather, a statue of a woman. Yes the www. world was in a ferment once again, as what appeared to be the likeness of a woman (if you squint a bit ... a lot), was 'spotted' by some nerds, on a video released by NASA from its 'Curiosity Rover' probe.

It Was A Little  Hard To Spot ...

It was hard to spot on original footage as seen on left of  the image above ..... but that's never going to stop a true believer. So every frame released by NASA, is tweaked and examined by the believers, in the hope of spotting a cover up .... you would think NASA would have learnt by now. 

Scale Is Also A Issue ...
Is It Six Inches Or Sixty Foot?
Still Its Vaguely Believable ...
Especially From A Distance ....

Of course this all has a familiar ring to those of with long memories ....

Remember the 'Face Of Mars'?

And we all know how that turned out ....

Oops .... That Was A Lump Of Rock.

... Still it was fun while it lasted. So maybe the 'Lady of Mars' will run for a while. 


  1. "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"
    Douglas Adams

    The photo is from another planet ! That's amazing enough for me.

    1. I just wanted to know what a semi naked lady was doing wandering around without tinfoil on her head.

    2. Semi naked ladies aren't required to wear tinfoil hats, it's the people who see semi naked ladies on Mars that are prone to wearing them.

      I see from customs programmes that smugglers have taken to wrapping their goods in carbon paper in the mistaken belief that it will be shielded from the X-ray machines.

    3. A bit like *sticking items up your bottom to avoid xrays. * And I don't mean hamster smuggling.

    4. Exactly, .... its amazing how these non technical fallacies go round. Nigerian officials apparently believed that the west had a terrorist spotting machine.


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