Friday, 25 September 2015

The New Marrakesh

Ramsgate, is the new Marrakesh .... well possibly not.

Taking the saying 'My enemies enemy is my friend' perhaps a little incorrectly, the Brazilian Indie band 'Urso Polar' who hail from the small tourist town of Gramado, were invited to visit the town recently after they penned the critically acclaimed tune called: 'It's Official, I Hate Ramsgate'.

Beautiful Ramsgate ....

The song's lyrics include the lines: "The Atlantic Ocean's between you and me, and all of this water will tear us apart, we settled the score, I'm fine with a draw, I knew you were not my type from the start. This is about how I came, to hate Ramsgate."

Marrakesh: More Exotic Than Ramsgate

Why they should pick on Ramsgate is not clear, but they have obviously never seen the pictures of the Beautiful Ramsgate .... 

Gramado In Brazil Looks Rather Nice

..... but they have also used the Isle of Thanet in another earlier song. Maybe 'Ramsgate' sounds 'exotic and mysterious' to Portuguese ears, a bit like Marrakesh or Gramado do to our Anglo-Saxon ears .....

Or maybe it sounds like 'Stalingrad' does.

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