Friday, 18 September 2015

Choosing The Wrong Side

An Argentine Pope holds up a sign supporting the Argentinian claim to the Falklands. He claimed afterwards to not know what he was holding up .... but as the Catholic Church has often had a close relationship with the military junta's in Argentina (and else where) .... well quelle surprise!

This Argentinian Pope Knows His Politics .....

Jeremy Corbyn (JC to this blog), the new leader of the UK Labour Party (I can't get used to saying that), is also an apologist for Argentinian sovereignty (disguised as a 'joint sovereignty' policy), over  the legally British islands. He has previously argued that the "Thatcher government sent in the troops to keep their “money-making friends in business”.

Just days after Argentine bombers sank 'HMS Ardent' and killed 22 British sailors on board, he told a 1982 North London (Islington) council meeting: “We resent this waste of unemployed men who are being sent to the Falklands to die for Thatcher. It is a nauseating waste of money and lives. The whole thing is a Tory plot to keep their money-making friends in business.”

What Soldiers Win, Politicians Give Away

He has since suggested that we hand them over to joint Argentina sovereignty to prevent an 'economic blockade' and 'poor diplomatic relations' between Britain and Latin America ....really? Of course El Presidenti Kerchner is pleased. 

But now, it has finally 'officially' emerged that when they occupied the Falkland islands the Argentine military tortured their own men with starvation, beatings, mock executions, and soldiers often being tied up inside empty graves. .... so what would they have done to the native islanders if they had the free hand that Corbyn and the other left-wingers wanted?

The UK Left has always been morally weak on this subject, because essentially they supported a right wing military junta, attacking the very democracy that protected them, and their right to support a right wing military junta. Why? Well because some hated the voters and the UK at the time for preferring for Mrs Thatcher being in power, instead of them.

The only time in my life that I got into a physical fight over politics, was when I tw*tted a left wing gobshite, who celebrated some British sailors being killed in the conflict, as a 'victory for the people'.

I was barred from that pub, but it was a price worth paying.


  1. I don't think the UK left is the same as here on the continent. We share some ideas as universal, but would never back another country against our own, especially not a military fascist regime. Mostly we a re nationalists with a little n and many think socialism could only have grown in a western culture. Still, Vive La Difference as we sometimes say.

    1. My views on this matter are pretty clear, and yes in the UK, supporting British values is not big on the far left here. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Maybe those who are interested in the Argentine soldiers views should read this?


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