Friday, 11 September 2015

The Time Of Dying

Recently I found out that my chances of dying in the next five years is predicted as about 3.2%, with an 80% accuracy of prediction rating. This means that, out of 100 men aged the same as me and with similar answers to the lifestyle questions, 97 will survive and 3 will die over the next 5 years.

Life Odds In My Favour

Now personally, I like those odds, but taking these sorts of surveys takes a little bit of courage, after all are you brave enough to know if you are predicted as likely to die inside 5 years?

The questions are for people aged between 40 and 70 years of age, and are a distillation of the research carried out into half a million peoples lifestyles and expectancy outcomes, conducted by two Swedish scientists. The original questionnaire used more than 600 lifestyle variables to assess what can best predict mortality, but rest assured, the findings were narrowed down to 11 lifestyle questions for men, and 13 for women, on the website, with the researchers claiming it yields a 80 per cent prediction accuracy.

Having answered the questionnaire, you are presented with a so-called Ubble Age based on your answers - obviously an age lower than your own real age indicates good health, a higher one than your own is not good.

One of the Doctors has stated that "The fact that the score can be measured online in a brief questionnaire, without any need for lab tests or physical examination, is an exciting development. Of course, the score has a degree of uncertainty and shouldn't be seen as a deterministic prediction. For most people, a high risk of dying in the next five years can be reduced by increased physical activity, smoking cessation and a healthy diet."

So are you brave enough?

If yes, then you can take the test at this     


  1. Inspired by your bravery and with confidence of my immortality in my back pocket, I Ubbled my 49½ year old self as challenged. I'll admit to being surprised and was left wondering how many vehicles must be at your disposal to make our results so different? I scored 0.7%, considerably higher than the contents of my back pocket was predicting, but then there's no knowing when one might cross paths with Duncan McLeod in the next 5 years.

    1. I suspect my 30+ years smoking was a factor .... I gave up in 2007 and have kept off but there will be residual damage. Or Vroomfondel, you could, as a fictional character, be nearly immortal, just as long as funny books survive.

      There can after all, 'be only one!.

  2. Oddly I have apparently beaten the odds, when I wouldn't have wanted to, and will be dead easily with a few years or even just months .... cancer is such a cruel thing. A last post on this will be put up sometime before I run out of time.


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