Friday, 11 September 2015

Immigration or Invasion

As usual, there's no way to apparently avoid the fact that Islam is in the news again this week .... as it was last week, and the week before, and ad infinitum it seems.

This time its as a result of the sea of humanity from the failed Muslim states of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who are pouring into Europe by the million or so, to claim 'Asylum'. So once again the bleeding hearts of the left are demanding that we open all the gates, and just accept that these people somehow have the right to settle here, or even that we are obliged to take them.

No one in Western Europe ever asks why all these Muslims majority states have fallen into chaos (again) .... or why in fact, so many Muslims flee to non-muslim states. If Islam is so f*cking superior, as the militant Islamists always clamour to tell us after each bloody bombing or massacre, then why do so many adherents of the religion of peace, try to get into non-muslim countries, instead of heading to Saudi Arabia or Malaya for example?

Migrants Not Always Welcome .... This Hungarian TV Reporter Shows That.

Nor does anyone ever seem to ask about what sort of states these non-Muslim states will become when the Muslims eventually become the majority of the population? In particular given that Christians have, and are facing genocidal eradication in all those Muslim countries that these migrants are coming from, what sort of treatment can we (or rather our grandchildren), expect from the religion of peace in the future?

I can tell you this much, many countries in the East of Europe are now in fact facing up to these very questions .... the Danes have closed their rail border with the mad state that is Merkels Germany. The Hungarians and other Balkan states are letting the Islamic tide through, but not letting them settle in their countries (They have historic racial memories of Islamic occupations, and the violence it requires to remove them ... unlike the Germans).

In fact its the Germans who are the most interesting players in all this .... do you recall  the Pegida marches against the Islamisation of Europe held in Germany? Well if you have forgotten, Mrs Merkel, the new Bismark, has not, and is getting her revenge in now. Her ambitions to set Europe to march to the beat of the German drums have been well exhibited over the last few months, with her leadership ambitions getting bolder by the month, and with each passing victory.

So maybe its no surprise that her hubris has reached seemingly new heights, as she has committed the German state to taking between 500,000 and 800,000 migrants per annum from East Africa and the Middle East for years, if not decades to come. Not only does this effectively set Germany on a new social course, without her holding any democratic mandate to do so (see Tony Blair's secret immigration policies in UK for analogy), but it also floods the rest of the EU as well, once these migrants get travel papers. The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned that millions of 'refugees' would descend upon the continent, if what he called Germany's "open door" immigration policy continued without reference to Germany's EU partners needs. 

Merkel Saint To Some .....

Of course there could be a less than altruistic reason than simply 'giving hope', for Germany's actions .... for example simple demographics, but that doesn't lessen the impact of Germany's unilateral immigration decision on behalf of all the EU. The Schengen Agreement means the migrants don't have to stay in Germany for long, and possibly half the migrants Germany lets in, will simply leave for other EU states every year. Those states of course will have no control over this.

Saudi Arabia’s offer to build 200 Wahhabi hard line Islamic mosques in Germany, to help western Europe handle the influx of Syrian refugees, won't have lightened the mood either. So expect the new exodus of Europe's Jews to Israel or North America to accelerate, as Germany takes on a worryingly new hue .... a Europe emptied of Jewish peoples may come into place as a result of a German policy.

Who would have thought that would ever happen. 


  1. Excellent post with some very interesting points.

    1. Europe is at a crossroads on several fronts: From the Greek crisis which is only parked not solved; and the UK's increasing frustration with the 'federalists' agenda, which could find the new labour leadership campaigning to leave the EU as well as Euro-sceptics and UKIP's in the referendum; to the Germans attempts to wrest leadership of the whole EU into its hands. These are simple exacerbated by the flood of mainly muslim migrants (who actually can't be socially absorbed in these vast numbers) ..... who knows how this all ends up, but I wouldn't bet that the EU will survive these strains intact.


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