Friday, 11 September 2015

Scotland's Lost Football Tribes

I was looking at pictures of Scotland football fans gathered in Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia, for a European Championship qualifier in 2016, when I think I spotted one of the famous lost tribes of Scotland fans ..... You know, those who never returned from the crusades to 'Win The World Cup' .... they usually noisily washed up on foreign shores, such as Spain 82, Germany 74 or Sweden 58, never to be heard from again .... I believe that this tribe I spotted, is the now infamous Argentina 78 lost tribe.

Scottish Lost Tribe ~ 78 Branch

From the dusty old banner they are parading they obviously believe that its still 1978, and that Ally's Army is about to win the Argentina World Cup (again)!

So finally the mystery of where the lost fans of Argentina 78 ended up, is solved ..... they must have have had a compass problem in their *submarine, and, like Jason and his Argonauts (who were also hunting for a golden trophy), ended up in Georgia. There they have lived quietly ever since among the natives, until, after laying low during Scotland's last version of the Torture in Tbilisi in 2007, confident there wouldn't be another slip up in Georgia this time, they emerged confidently in to the sunshine of Freedom Square and proclaimed their love of Allys Army!

Sadly for them, the debacle was the same as in 2007, but at least their families back in Scotland can be informed that they are alive.

So pass the glad tidings to all and sundry in Edinburgh and Glasgow, email it to your friends, shout it from the rooftops of Airdrie, let all rejoice that .....

Ally's Army has been found again!!

Ally's Armies Fate Has Long Been Speculated About

* According to urban legend, some in the 600-strong detachment of the 1978 Tartan Army were keen to hire submarines for the expedition.


  1. Any news on wee Jimmy from Kilbride? Last seen by his wife when he was 'going to watch the footbae' in 1982. Spotted behind a bar in Barcelona in 1997, but not since. Tell him that he owes a lot of back child support if he ever comes home.

    1. I made a quick call ..... he's still missing. So sorry lets hope he reads this .... ha ha.


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