Friday, 5 October 2012

Jewish Refugees Forgotten

In another story from that woeful region known as the middle east ...... We hear a lot about the Arab refugees from Palestine, but little about the 856,000 Jews who were forced to flee the Arab countries in the four years after the state of Israel was created in 1948. According to Israeli government figures - but which are not disputed by the UN - the 856,000 Jews lost billions of dollars' worth of property and assets.

But, and this is the big but, unlike the Arab states who kept have kept the Arab refugee's in camps ever since, the Jews settled down to building new lives in the very small strip of land allocated to them as Israel .... its one of the great difference between the two cultures that Arabs wallow in their own myths and self induced pathos, whereas whatever their other faults, the Jewish people are clever, inventive and industrious.

Just in case your wondering, the exact 'official' figures are:
  • 856,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries 1948-52 (Israeli government) - excluding their descendants.
  • 860,000 Palestinian refugees registered by 1951; now with their descendants they total 5m (UNRWA).

Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands

It's odd, that the figures match, but while one group is still in camps sixty years later, demanding its 'lands' back, the other has accepted history for what it is and made new lives. Interesting that the Arabs and their supporters in the West, try to smother this story ..... I wonder why?

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  1. Interesting story, which could do with more publicity. I didn't even know that there were jewish refugees after the wars. I guess the Arabs and their supporters have managed to suppress the story for the last 40 yrs.


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