Friday, 12 October 2012

The Failure Of The Arab Revolution

The false expectations of the Arabs in their revolutions are now coming home to roost ... but not in their own countries, where the Islamists are slowly taking a firm grip, but in Europe, where the disaffected and unemployable of the Arab world, migrate to 'find work' .... they just don't understand that being nearly unemployable in your own culture, means that you are virtually guaranteed to be 100% unemployable in another, non Muslim one.

The fact is that these thousands of young men, and it is nearly all young men who arrive in our countries,  often bring only street crime, and eventually terrorism to the cities of Europe .... they fail to understand a culture in which women may walk around freely without being molested, and people don't like or admire their religion, because they have picked up the idea that everyone has to bow their head to backwardness.

Arab Illegal Immigrants - Italian Coast

In the end, we are either going to have use armed patrols to defend our borders and our culture, or accept that the population explosion in the Arab world, will result in thousands, then millions arriving on our southern shores .... conquest by stealth

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