Friday, 19 October 2012

Scottish National Party Flip Flop

My what hypocrites the Scottish National Party (SNP) really are .... for thirty years they have chastised first the UK government, and latterly the Scottish Labour Party (when they were leading the devolved government of Scotland), over Nuclear weapons, and membership of NATO with its nuclear policy.

Then when they got into power in Scotland, they retained this opposition to membership of NATO, while suddenly going rather quiet on the UK's nuclear policy. Lots of Scottish jobs lost, and votes as well, if the UK took the Nuclear subs south of the border .... but obviously no connection with that fact. Got to hang on to power, at whatever the cost to their souls.

SNP - NATO Vote - Perth 2012

Now, with the whiff of 'freedom' in the air with the vote on 'independence' due in 2014, suddenly, after 30 yrs of one policy, one quick resolution by a couple of Alex Salmond loyalists, a few harsh words, and the idealists suddenly are made to realise what having 'power' really means to the party apparatchiks. Then all of a sudden the conference members of the Scottish National Party, have voted to ditch their 30-year policy of opposition to defence alliance NATO, in a naked display of 'Realpolitik'. Got to hang on to power, at whatever the cost to their souls.

Of course the Quid pro quo for all this, is that once the referendum has been won .... and I think the ineptness of the current UK coalition government gives the SNP the edge - all Trident nuclear weapons - which are currently based at Faslane Naval base on the Clyde - will be removed from Scotland ..... and it will be all too late for all those who lose their jobs then - no pro unionist party in Scotland to vote for.

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