Friday, 12 October 2012

Biters, Bitten

The backers of the rape denier Julian Assange - those that clubbed together to provide him with bail money ('cos his case was sure pure'), have been told that they have to cough up the bond money .... Firstly I am surprised that the money doesn't actually have to be found first i.e. Paid up before the man is released, and not just promised. Its probably the fact that they don't actually have to find the money up front, that explains why so many of the backers of this odious little man were willing to scribble their names on a bit of paper .... made them feel all warm and liberal to get the sex attacker out on the streets.

My how little they cared when he immediately ran to the the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and broke all his bail conditions ..... obviously the skinny 'beast' didn't care much about his backers money, but probably neither were they either. After all, they trusted to the spineless UK legal system, and their friends in Hampstead and Kensington, to simply waive the requirement that they pay the money over for their derelict charge .... and they were almost correct.

Julian Assange - Two Fingers To Backers

The judgement started like this "I accept that they trusted Mr Assange to surrender himself as required. I accept that they followed the proceedings and made necessary arrangements to remain in contact with him" ..... so far so ready to let them off the money. But the judge continued "However, they failed in their basic duty, to ensure his surrender. They must have understood the risk and the concerns of the courts" They have been told to hand over the £93,000 that collectively they vouched on his behalf.

Cue much wailing and gnashing of liberal teeth as they try to get legal aid to recover their money .... no doubt it will end up being the taxpayers who pay for all this, but just for a second, it will have been worth it to see these 'lovers of liberty' squeal, as they realised that they had been duped by a sex offender ... he never has feared going to Sweden, he has always feared paying for his crimes.

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