Friday, 5 October 2012

Ethnic Cleansing Of Christians

The Jewish Taliban are at it again .... we have remarked before on this blog about how similar the extremists of all religions are (and we include some Christians sects in this)  ... but this is especially so for some of the Jewish and Islamic schools. Both will often show total contempt for the the holy places of each other, but also for the holy places of Christians. This week a Franciscan monastery outside Jerusalem, has had graffiti sprayed on it, and other sites have had fires started .... this alongside Muslim buildings that have also been attacked by the same jewish groups.

Jewish Settlers attack Christian Churches ....

Of course generally speaking, Israel is a better place for Christians to live than any Muslim country. In neighbouring Palestine for example, Arafat's gunmen invaded the 'Holy Sepulchre', and the attacks have been ongoing. Imagine the outrage if this was Christian gunmen seizing Mecca ?

Its not much better in the rest of the region ......... in Iraq and Egypt, the Christian's churches are often burnt, bombed or their parishioners subject to attack by Muslims..... in fact its the same the world over .... as Nigeria shows.

We are witnessing the ethnic cleansing of Christians from all areas where Islam holds sway (or hopes to hold sway after the cleansing), while at the same time, the West is forced by its own 'multiculturalism' rules, to allow mass Muslim immigration in to non Muslim areas ..... there can only be one end to this.

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