Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chinas Imperial Cats

Elsewhere, on the cat front, the Chinese, not a noted race of animal lovers, except as diners, have kept a pack of 200 cats at the Imperial Palace Complex, aka The Forbidden City, to keep rats and vermin away from the cultural relics. Vaccinated, neutered and fed vitamins, the only other cosseting is that they are allowed to sleep indoors in the winter. They do the job though, and officials reported that as well as no rodents, they have not found a single piece of cultural relics damaged by cat claws, although its acknowledged that their excrement is definitely an eyesore.

Imperial Cats Wear Royal Hats

Of course, given the Chinese habit of popping anything animal into the cooking pots, one has too suspect that the estimated 200,000 stray cats of Beijing are a cunning breed. However what makes them particularly interesting, is that the Royal complex is very likely their 'real' home, as its suspected that many of them may well be descendants of royal pets from the previous dynasties.

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