Friday, 28 March 2014

Duck Ass Dynasty

When I was a lad, the local barbers used to have posters up advertising the cuts available .... these included an old Brylcreem poster with an ex footballer / cricketer (who I didn't know) called Denis Compton ... you could point at him and get the same hair cut (and presumably use the same Brylcreem), there was also the cut known as the 'DA' (Ducks Ass), which I had no chance to ask for without a clipped ear instead of clipped hair, or, you could look at more fashionable images to choose from.

One of these was Tony Curtis, whose hair cut was very popular - I knew of him as the film "The Vikings" which came out in 1958 had been on TV in the 1960's.

Sadly my mother wouldn't let me point at that poster and I usually ended up with a 'basin cut'. At the time I considered that an insult, but when you read that in North Korea, all the males are now expected to sport the Kim Jong-un cut, then I now consider my mothers choice to have been wise.

After A Popular Vote - 'The Scouser' Proved The Most Popular Cut!

To be fair, in North Korea there are only 3 hair cuts available to choose from, the 'Jong-un', 'Jong-il' and the ever popular 'Il-sung' .... talk about a Duck Dynasty!

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