Friday, 18 July 2014

A Viking Funeral

When I was a kid, I saw Kirk Douglas in "The Vikings" ..... great music, and a larger than life performance by Douglas as the eponymous 'Viking', 'Einar'.  But the bit that struck me most at the time (and even now) was his death. Sword in hand he stretched arms to the sky and shouted "ODIN!" He was then given a full pagan Viking funeral ....

The Ship With The Vikings Body Sails Out, With Fire Arrows Landing Aboard
The Ship Then Sailed Towards The Sunset, Taking His Soul To Valhalla

I was reminded of this, when recently I saw a newspaper report of a little boys funeral, in which local Star Wars re-enactors accompanied his hearse to the cemetery.

Storm Troopers Accompany A Little Boys Coffin.

I salute his parents, for giving him the modern equivalent of the Viking Funeral .... may his soul reach whatever Valhalla he believed in, in a galaxy, far, far away.


  1. Great Story. I guess we would all like to be remembered at the end. That child got an epic send off.

    1. Yes ... I didn't name him so as not to possibly upset his parents, but I admire what they did.


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