Friday, 4 July 2014

Subbuteo Hand Of God

The World Cup has ended in the usual manner for the England football team, and its ever deluded supporters (although fair to say the number of deluded has diminished markedly since 2002). Still it seems a good time to post two moments from England's World Cup history .... but in Subbuteo form. 

First up, the infamous 'Hand Of God' by that cheating little git, Madonna, sorry Maradona.

Cheating, Argentine Style

Followed by our one moment of glory .... Wembley Stadium, Bobby Moore, 1966 and all that ...

These and over 500 other such World Cup dioramas are the work of artist Terry Lee from Exeter, but who now lives in Brazil .... he hasn't gone completely mad though, when asked about the chances for England, he said "I don't see England doing well" ... which was true enough. 

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