Friday, 11 July 2014

Brazil Nuts

Apart from the Subbuteo world cup dioramas there was of course one other major story ..... so epic indeed that it sent shock-waves around the world, well the football world.

It was of course the utter annihilation of the Brazil football team beneath the juggernaut of 'Die Mannschaft' of the united Germany. The shock-waves of the totality of the defeat, 7 - 1 at home, will no doubt ripple down the next few years, but I am not primarily interested in that, nor the myriad of records that were broken on the night.

No, I was interested in any of that, but the fact that I unexpectedly felt a large degree of Schadenfreude as the goals piled in .... I didn't know that I cared LOL. But the part of this story that really tickled my funny bone was the Internet Memes that swept across globe on social media on the night. I have collected a few, and re-publish them for posterity, and those like me, who are largely oblivious of Tweets and Facebook etc.


No commentary for these is required ....... the whole night in seven pictures.  


  1. 7 great pictures and they do tell the story of that game.

  2. Thanks, no credit to me of course .... I have to admit I don't understand why they are called memes?


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