Friday, 4 July 2014

PC Doggerel

During a televised post-match interview with the 'Showtime' presenter, the black boxer Adrien Broner, referred to himself as the "can man" and said:

"Anybody can get it. Afri-cans, 
I just beat the f--k out of a Mexi-can."

The 'Mexi-can' being referred to was Carlos Molina - an American of Mexican heritage - who he had just beaten in a Welterweight boxing bout. Now apart from the gratuitous usage of the F word, this little bit of doggerel seems fairly harmless, given the context of two men trying to knock each others heads off.

Not so ... If you thought that, you obviously don't understand the rules of politically correct 'do's and 'don'ts'.

Calling someone a 'Mexi-can' is, and I selectively quote from the WBC statement, a "racially offensive statement", if the "words were intended to be disrespectful and offensive", since "words have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways" .....

So presumably, calling anyone a 'Mexican' if you don't respect them, is now a sacking offence in the US? .... good luck with that then. Has anyone at the US based WBC ever seen the portrayal of Mexicans in 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad'? In fact it could be thought that considering the word "Mexican" to be potentially racist, is more racist in thought, than anything he actually said.

Family Guy's - Mexi-can Funeral

Mr Broner has received an indefinite suspension from the sport until he "makes a public apology satisfactory to the public of the world" .... I can't help thinking that there is some linkage with the furore surrounding the 'LA Clippers' basketball team owner Donald Sterling, who was banned for life for comments made in a 'private phone call' that were recorded, and maliciously leaked to the press.

Recent events such as these above, the row over Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore, whose private 'sexist emails', were also maliciously leaked by someone working in his office, and the forced resignation of Brendan Eich from the Firefox job, for a private political contribution, suggest to me that we now have entered the stage, where the PC Brigades now feel happy to spy on, leak against, and otherwise terrorise, anyone who they think deserves to be brought low.

Whatever next for daring to think the unthinkable? .... I almost despair that this PC madness will never end .... the Emperor was only exposed to be as naked as a jay bird, when a child shouts out that 'he's got no clothes on' ... the PC brigade will only be stopped, when a major politician fights back and denounces them for the bullies that they are.


  1. Recently an African 'Ameri-can' was denounced for saying that that talking correctly e.g. saying 'they' instead of 'dey' was not 'talking like a white person' but showing some education. Some of her detractors even said that black Americans naturally said 'dey' because of their African heritage (including one who said she had a Masters degree, though you wouldn't have guessed from the poor english on her comment), as though somehow their mouths were different. Once you let the PC ignorance out of the closet, it 'shure dun growen' ... as some people may naturally have said.

    1. I just read the story you linked to .... not very encouraging is it. Ah well as one said 'it may have been centuries' of assimilation, but ancestry counts more. Utter rubbish of course, but its the excuse of choice at the moment. Thanks for the comment and the 'irony' moment.


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