Friday, 18 July 2014

Even Not Believing Is A Crime

One of the many issues Islam has with the rest of the world at the moment is its basic insecurity ..... by that I mean that any belief system that has to condemn to death anyone who tries to leave it, or anyone who believes there are different ways to practise the same faith, has some really big self belief problems. For instance, all these 'British' Muslims who go over to Syria, to 'do Jihad' and 'fight Allah's enemies', apparently do not find it in anyway strange, that all those enemies of Allah that they are killing, are also 'Muslims', who also claim that they are fighting the enemies of Allah.

I guess nutters just don't do irony .....

This Badly Written Missive, is a Testament to Multiculturalism and a UK Education.

But perhaps a good example of this insecurity, and I don't mean its treatment of those  converting to another faith .... that's death, no discussion, just death for the convert (and probably for their still Muslim family as well), is its treatment of those who profess non-belief in Allah, just saying that they are an atheist .... in some places this is possibly a death sentence as well, but where there is a semblance of secular governance (such as Non Boko Haram, Nigeria),  a protestation of atheism leaves the 'liberal' (or constrained) Imam bemused.

So what do they do?

Well telling them to go on their way, and agreeing to disagree isn't an option .... so in Nigeria, the man is detained in a hospital psychiatric ward as obviously mentally ill, for not believing in Allah anymore. One such victim is Mubarak Bala, a chemical engineering graduate, but also the son of an Islamic leader (which is probably why he wasn't killed), who was detained against his will for 18 days, only being freed by accident,  when a doctors' strike saw many patients discharged, simply because they couldn't be looked after.

He has now demanded that another doctor evaluate him, and then to put it on the record that he was not suffering from a mental illness as the hospital had stated. He would probably be better off leaving the north of Nigeria after death threats, but he has apparently decided to resume living with his family in a spirit of reconciliation ..... Good Luck with that mate!

One is reminded of the Soviet and Maoist mental hospitals, where political opponents were deposited and usually declared insane, after being given harsh drug treatments to 'cure them' of the belief that Soviet Communism was wrong .....

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