Friday, 25 July 2014

One Justice or No Justice

Regional News 23rd July:

A five-year-old boy has been left with a broken leg after a hit-and-run in Blackburn.
Lancashire Police said the boy was hit in Whitwell Place at 20:00 BST on Wednesday. He was kept in the Royal Blackburn Hospital overnight. The driver is described as an "Asian woman wearing a burkha", who was in a silver car. Police from the road policing unit, appealed for witnesses and the driver to come forward.

OK where do I start with this story ....

  • What could a new witness describe ... an "Asian woman wearing a burkha"? They already got that, so only a number plate would help.
  • How could an identification parade work? All women in a burkha look identical ... not even their children know by sight. (Its one of the spurious reasons that some Saudi's put forward against women driving in that country ... can't ID the driver. )
  • For less serious offences - no one would ever be able to identify the driver of a car from police cameras etc, even if the number plates were seen. You can only detain on reasonable suspicion, but not prosecute.

As an example of this last point, I recently saw a UK police 'reality' show from the Midlands, where 3 Asian youths had been caught speeding around an estate in a car with no documents etc, but all denied being the driver. One of them had the car keys in his pocket which the police confiscated ... he said he had been looking after them 'for the driver' who had 'run off' when the police caught the car.

The police were made to look stupid by three 17 yr olds, who even got cocky without being arrested ... one of them telling the police officer that 'you look like your educated, yeah?', because despite the obvious lying, the Crown Prosecution Service are too inept to be able to prosecute this sort of case (the solution is to prosecute them all, like they do in gang murders). Insult was added to injury, when as the police impounded the car to be crushed (there being 'no owner' ... and it wasn't insured or taxed), the man who had been 'looking after the keys' demanded that they give him back his house keys, which had somehow attached themselves to the 'drivers' car keys, in the few seconds that the police took to stop them (and in which Einsteinian time, the driver had also managed to 'run off' unseen be anyone).

One Justice or No Justice?

While we continue to pussyfoot around Asians and other groups like this (because they may be offended by anything we do, or even by our laws), and don't apply laws equally to them, as well as the rest of us, then the anger amongst those of us who are not allowed to get away with this nonsense, just grows.

We either have the same laws for all, applied equally for all, or no laws, and let us sort out issues by the mob - something many immigrant groups would find to be 'just like justice back home'.            


  1. "Asian woman wearing a burkha" is full of assumptions, the witness may have assumed that the driver was Asian and a woman, but how would they know?

    I understand that the Police can fine a driver for anything which gets in the way of their driving, like eating a sandwich or using a mobile phone, this has to include wearing a burkha.

    I'm not sure about the relevance of the 3 Asian youths in this piece is as they could have equally been white or black youths; if they all denied being the driver the result would have been the same.

    Thinking about it Burkhas are not illegal in Britain and the driver could have equally been wearing a Darth Vader mask, I'm not sure that the Asian/Muslim angle has any bearing at all?

    1. I guess my first point was that the burkha is both a threat to our culture and our laws ... based as they both are on a society which is open faced and not closed. For instance in your first point you said witnesses may have assumed that the driver was Asian and a woman, but how would they know? ... precisely. Driving around in a burkha, it could be a woman or anyone ... our laws can't happily live with that situation. Currently they are not stopped for fear of racism claims, whereas if I drove around in a Darth Vadar mask I would be stopped.

      One law but two applications because policing in the UK is now tied up with 'cultural sensitivity' aka PC nonsense, leading to two forms of policing and in effect, two laws - one law that applies to me, and not to others.

      As for the Asian Youths ... they were very obviously taking the piss out of the police officers, thoroughly versed as they were with the situation that allows them to scream racist, if just taken to the police station. Personally I suspect that if white, they would have at least been arrested, even if no charges were later pressed to court. Twenty or thirty years ago, they would have been laughed out of court with the Bullshit story, especially the home-boy with his house keys on the car key fob .. he would have been sentenced.

      Nowadays, by playing the race card to press for separate 'cultural norms' and laws, some groups in our society are breaking our system of governance up ... one look at what happened in Birmingham schools, where the LEA report admitted that despite evidence and concerns about the direction some schools were being taken (towards hard-line Islam), there had been no action taken for fear of upsetting Muslims - shows this to be true.

      The story of the burkha, and its increasing official acceptance, despite its alieness to all that our society was built on, is just an outward symptom of a dangerous creep.

      Thanks as usual for the comment mate.

    2. You make a good argument and I agree that the Burkha should be limited on grounds of security and driving safety and that it is basically incompatible with an open society.

      IF police are unwilling to sanction a driver for wearing a Burkha, then that should be addressed because that's just plain dangerous.


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