Friday, 4 July 2014

Is She Packin?

Now we are all aware of body scanners and X-ray machines at airports etc, but how many of think about the need to scan people entering prison cells after being arrested?

Its long been well known that convicted male prisoners often conceal bladed weapons known as 'shanks' (aka 'banger' or 'burner'), or 'kites' (small written messages) in their backsides, but recently American police have had to deal with the female of the species, using the advantages nature gives them, to stash ever more elaborate objects from their attentions ....

 In March 2013, Christie Dawn Harris was arrested with a female friend by police in Ada, Oklahoma, after suspicious behaviour led to their car being searched, and the discovery by the police officers of  methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, a pistol, and a loaded magazine. But it was when they got to the police station that the fun and games started. Ms Harris claimed that she couldn't be cavity searched as she was on her period and therefore did not want to be intimately searched.

Ms Harris and Her Contraband
Eventually she complied with the request, and that's when a female officer who performed a body search, found the handle of a loaded Freedom Arms .22-caliber handgun, with three live rounds and one spent shell in the barrel, "sticking out from" inside Ms Harris's private parts. They also discovered plastic baggies containing methamphetamine lodged in the crack of Harris’s buttocks.

Now this storing of a loaded gun in this manner and location, might have been something of an oddity, but for the fact that reports of ladies using their privates in this manner keep surfacing ....

In April 2014, police in Kingsport Tennessee said that 19-year-old Dallas Archer was caught smuggling a loaded gun into a jail, after a cavity search revealed she had been hiding the weapon in her crotch. She had been arrested for driving on a suspended license. The North American Arms, 22-caliber mini revolver was loaded .... and measures four inches in length and is nearly three inches tall and to top it all, it was a stolen weapon - taken during a 2013 auto burglary from a 70-year-old retired car salesman.
Ms Archer's Contraband

Apart from the motoring offences, she could now add charges for possession of stolen property, illegal possession of a firearm and introducing contraband into the jail. Archer was released from custody after posting $6,000 bail.

When reached for comment, the retired car salesman said he would eventually like “the little fellow” returned, even though it would require “a bath in bleach.”

There is a serious point to this post, which is that if women are prepared to go to such lengths over minor criminal matters, how much more likely are women who are driven by religious fervour and ideology to use this method?

What if instead of a gun, its explosives .... Could something exploded from that location bring down an air plane? Al-Qaeda seem to think so, and are actively working on such a device. The recent increase in Airport security may only be a precursor to worse to come and we may be in the end game of international air flights for the masses.


  1. Never mind that, what's Ms Archer hiding in her hair?

    Indeed, some women are determined to prove that they can be as idiotic as men, that appears to be their take on equality.

    1. Thats my missing boiler duct!! Well spotted old man!


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