Friday, 21 March 2014

Rocky Road To Riyadh

There are those people out there who would shoot their mothers, if it made them look good to the PC  'Multi-cultural' Brigade .... they often end up working in the NHS, Education Establishment or Local Government .....

They seemingly have no shame in aiding the forces of backwardness and social regression, even though perversely, those same forces would see them locked up, if they ever held power. The latest example of this reckless stampede in to Dhimmitude, is the local education authority, governors, and head teacher at Brinsworth Manor primary school in Rotherham Yorkshire.

It was reported that just 20 per cent of the school's 600 pupils are Muslim, but the authorities not only said that much of the meat served in the canteen was to be 'halal' (despite a campaign by the UK Chief vet to have all animals stunned as he says that its a cruel way of killing animals .... cutting throats while the animal is concious - sound familiar?), but also that all pork products are now banned .... apparently this will make the school more 'inclusive'. Needless to say the 'inclusive idea' didn't actually include consulting any parents (well not from the majority), and many are upset that once again the majority population of this country have to bow their heads to satisfy the needs of a vocal minority group. 

Ban Halal Meat Campaign Poster

Oddly this campaign to be more inclusive, is never reciprocated by the groups they are trying to pleases own 'religious schools', which do just the opposite ..... until they get closed by Ofsted. Strangely this decision comes at a time when an alleged plot to islamicise the UK's schools, apparently called 'Operation Trojan', is being investigated by many local authorities and the police.

No one can say that the attack on our culture is either subtle or hidden, or that the Muslim radicals need to do anything much ... their fellow travellers and collaborators in the town halls will do it for them.

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