Friday, 21 March 2014

The Future Here Today

Like most people, when I think of mechanical exoskeletons (which I admit isn't all that often), I picture 'Ripley' fighting the Alien Queen (aka 'C'mon Bitch'), in the film 'Aliens' ...

Ripley - Sexy and Fighting Fit - C'mon Bitch

..... a thrilling mix of robot and android machine, but still human inside .... and I might add, something to fire up the imagination of the most jaded of Sci-Fi loving cinema goers.

But in fact they are not just for Sci-Fi movies only, and are already amongst us, with the latest such machine, called the "Body Extender", being publicised as 'the most complex wearable robot which has been ever built', and being able to lift 50kg (7st 12lb) in each extended hand, it can also exert 10 times the force the user applies to an object .... Ripley material if ever there was one. 

The Body Extender Exoskeleton

In fact there are a lot of these machines now out there, from the weight carriers, to soldiers exo-stamina frames used in combat.

Soldier use Endurance Exoskeletons

They are soon going to be common sights on our streets and factories as the cost drops, and are probably the first step towards the acceptance of robots (the technology for this is already only 10 - 15 yrs away from non gimmick robots like Asimo).

The world of Isaac Asimov may be just around the corner .... well for robots at least.


  1. Your right, that was the best 'scene' of the 'aliens' movie.

    1. Yep, can't disagree my friend. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Having seen A Matter of Loaf & Death, I have difficulty thinking of that great scene without also seeing Gromit scrambling through cable-runs and a pooch behind the controls of a fork-lift truck.

    3. Nothing survives the loving mickey taking by Wallace and Gromit .....


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