Friday, 21 March 2014

Polished Liberalism

There are odd little stories on the web, that don't always get quite the publicity that they deserve .... take this tale from Poland for example. A country that suffered more than most under the Nazi invasion of 1939, and then under the subsequent conquest by the Communists for another 45 years ...... so its the last place on earth that you would expect Adolf Hitler to be honoured.

However the town of Szczesin (formerly Stettin when it was a Swedish town, and German after 1720), Polish from 1945 when it was handed to Poland as part compensation for the Soviet land grab of Polish lands following WWII, has resisted all efforts to perform any historical revisionism, and alter its past. 

To the complete surprise of all the PC western revisionists, the town, which is now a wholly Polish populated city (the Germans of the previous 250 years having been expelled by Stalin's troops), has refused to withdraw the honorary citizenships, that the town councils over the last 400 years have granted to the luminaries of the time. They voted on a proposal to do so, but rejected it in a free vote.

Those luminaries honoured included former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler in the 1930's, and former Soviet Premier, Nikita Krushchev in the 1950's .... both of whom races oppressed Poles. When asked about this rejection, the 'Liberal' (in the way that term used to mean in the UK, before the UK Liberal Party MP's became more left, and less liberal), Council Leader Bazyli Baran said, "They are all dead now, so let's forget about them"

Bazyli Baran - A Very Liberal Politician

In this attitude I commend him, as airbrushing the past is something that the Nazi's and Communists did .... and is now being busily performed by the politically correct and multi-culturalists amongst the western 'intelligentsia'. Given the culture we have in the UK now ... can you imagine any of our councils ever taking such a liberal view?

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