Friday, 13 June 2014

Beer - Elixir Of Life

I always knew that drinking was good for you on more than the 'good cheer' level!

Beers - Elixir Of Life

It turns out that there are 10 good reasons to drinking real ales (including some lagers):

  1. Rehydration: The sugars, salts and bubbles help people absorb fluids - thus aiding hydration.
  2. Energy: Rich in Vitamin B (like meat and vegetables) maintains energy and grow muscles.
  3. Bone Density: Ale Drinkers have denser bones, with Pale Ale drinkers getting better results that lager drinkers.
  4. Healthy Hair and Nails: Rich in Silica's, connective tissues need for growth.
  5. Cancer Preventative: Xanthohumol is a compound in beer that helps prevents cancers and menopausal hot flushes.
  6. Heart Attacks: Beer raises levels of HDL which prevents clogging of arteries.
  7. Digestion:  Two glasses (or Pints as I call them), help keep you 'regular'.
  8. Inflammation: Scientific studies have shown that Beer can reduce joint swellings.
  9. Kidneys:  Reduces the risk of kidney stones.
  10. Long Life: A pint a day can lower blood pressure thus adding about five years to your life.
So there you are .... 10 good reasons to go out to the pub ..... enjoy your drinks!


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