Friday, 20 June 2014

Wahabi Counter-Reformation

There is one suggestion about what’s going on in the Islamic world, that I have not seen discussed anywhere. It’s the 'Counter-Reformation' theory.

This is my theory that the Wahhabi form of Islam, centred on Saudi Arabia, and that has fuelled so much of the violence of the past 25 yrs, including the 9/11 bombings (Saudi terrorists, Saudi Money and 'unofficial' Saudi Backing, Masterminded by a member of a Saudi family who are friends of the Bush family .... so the Bush family bomb Afghanistan), is in fact leading a backlash against the liberalisation of Islam that took place in the 1950's, 60's and early 1970's.

Now when I say 'liberalisation', like Einstein, I mean 'relatively'. However I can give some examples of this ..... In the Arab world, it was largely 'secular' socialist leaning 'Nationalist' governments in power, from the newly installed 'Baathist ‘parties in Iraq and Syria, to President Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt. In the rest of the Muslim world, Islam was mostly at peace within itself and with the other religions ... so much so that the 'Hippie Trail' went through Turkey, Iran and on to Afghanistan and the Kashmir. With thousands of western teens backpacking comparatively safely every year to those exotic destinations.

This all seemed to come to an end when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and the US backed extreme Jihadist groups such as the Mujahedeen to fight them, and these groups were given their religious focus by hard-line Saudi clerics (funded by the Saudi Royal family).

Immediately the 'hippie trail', which had been petering out anyway, was closed, as the violent no toleration dead hand of 7th century Islam descended, firstly on the local region, and then over the next 25 years over all of the Islamic world .... similarly in the Shia world, the Ayatollah and his band took over in Iran, with much the same effect and for much the same reasons ..... its this process, this counter reformation if you like, to the religious 'laxness' that the Wahhabi's (and Ayatollah) saw emerging in the 1970's, that we are seeing around the globe now.

In Europe the Counter Reformation, while violent, petered out when it became apparent that it would not win absolute victory ... however it’s not so clear that the Sunni Jihadists have recognised this fact, or even care. Overall they are apparently winning inside the Sunni Islamic world, where 'Sharia' law is imposed more widely than it has been for 100 yrs, with formerly tolerant and moderate Muslim countries such as Malaya and Indonesia, now enforcing ever harsher penalties on Muslims and practising tough discrimination laws against non-Muslims .e.g. enforcing blasphemy laws on Non-Muslims.

The Mahdi in Sudan Was The Last To Create A 'Caliphate'

Even the new 'Caliphate' that the Jihadists strive for, is apparently within reach again, with the ISIS control of parts of Syria and Iraq being the largest 'Caliphate' land grab since the Mahdi in the Sudan and parts of then Egypt 135 yrs ago ...

ISIS 'Caliphate' In Syria and Iraq

It’s probably no coincidence that the leaders in the West who have allowed all this to unfold, are the post war, post empire, post 50's generation, who remember the hippy trail as a happy aspiration, and who just can't quite comprehend the full extent of the dangers that the West is really facing, as in earlier Islamic upheavals, it was the Muslim locals (and the minority religions such as the persecuted Christians), who faced the violence of those struggles.

So they have sat smugly back and allowed mass Islamic immigration into the West, seemingly oblivious to the radical schism that exists in  Islam, or the fact that both those sects Sunni and Shia, wish ultimately to force the rest of the world to acknowledge their superiority .... so the politicians just ignore the very real threat of violence that will likely erupt in our midst.

We may face a hundred years of mayhem, with a 5th column growing in our population .... Trojan horses come in many guises, and we could face much bloodshed if we don't push this one outside of the gates of Vienna.


  1. Re: 'the violent no toleration dead hand of 7th century Islam descended.'

    It's descended in London (where an American tourist gets attacked but according to a judge with no race, or religious overtones by a Muslim gang in a 'Muslim area!) And in Cardiff and other towns. We haven't got a clue what's really going on in the medieval part of the UK

    1. Can't really argue. It is strange that when Asian gangs attack non Asian tourists, or attack a man coming out of a pub, in what are clearly racially and religiously motivated attacks, they are deemed by the courts as just random violence, but if an Asian woman is killed, its investigated as a 'hate crime'.'One rule for us, and one rule for the others' seems to be the new order of the day.


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