Friday, 27 June 2014

Blairs Poisoned Legacy

The shock waves from the recent EU elections continues to shake surprises from the tree branches .... for instance Tony Blair, who was the architect of the open door immigration policy into the UK has spoken out .... by attacking the results of the recent EU MEP elections in the UK. 

In particular he has attacked the UK Independence Party (UKIP), and its supporters ...."You look underneath that UKIP façade and you see something pretty nasty and unpleasant", he said, and added that the EU and its structures should also "confront and expose" parties like UKIP. He then opined that the rationale for the EU was "probably stronger than it has ever been, in a world of growing economic superpowers such as China and India. You have got to take on people who, within countries, are arguing for a combination of anti-EU and anti-immigration policies which are not the answer".

Spoken like a true Federalist, and a man who handed over more UK sovereignty to others through his adoption of the human rights laws into our legal system, than any man in our history .... and a set of laws by the way, that has been exploited by more criminals, terrorists and legal aid human rights lawyer's, than ever by any honest person.

However if he hadn't secretly, and with no electoral mandate, opened the immigration floodgates, then these election results would likely never have occurred. In fact ex-prime minister Tony Blair is also one of the architects of the Scottish Nationalist Party's rise over the border, as well as the UKIP rise in England, and so could be classed as the reason why the UK is very close to a break up, and probably also to England leaving the European Union.

His world wide legacy is also noteworthy for its destructiveness.

So much so, that we can probably add to the legacy list, the complete destruction of the last Christian communities in the Middle East, from the Assyrian's in Iraq, to the Orthodox communities in Syria and the Catholics in Palestine, as the consequences of he and George 'dubya' Bush's campaigns on the multi-fronted war on terror, and the subsequent rise of the Islamic Jihadists, plays out across the Islamic world.

He has since (with his wife), racked up literally millions in consultancy fee's, derived principally from his holding former office, and now advising 'foreign governments on how to implement polices', or 'big business on regional political investment decisions' .... personally I wouldn't buy a used car from this man, let alone take his advice on anything. 

Mutually Assured (Self) Destruction

There are still many (including many members of his own party), who would also consider that he should be held accountable in the Court in the Hague, for his actions in office.

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