Friday, 13 June 2014

Voodoo Murders

In the past I have frequently attacked the members of Islamic societies such as Saudi Arabia, for believing in 'Witchcraft', and killing people for no crime at except upsetting their religious superstitions, so it would be wrong not to continue to point out when Christians, and other Non Muslims do exactly the same thing .... I won't even try to publish the pictures as they are sickening.

A false allegation of being an exponent of voodoo, results in a flash mob attacking a woman, Fabiane Maria de Jesus, a 33-year-old mother of two, first heavily beating and then hanging her. All in broad daylight, and in front of many who were filming the event on their phones to be hurriedly posted on social media platforms. Welcome to the 21st century, meets the 16th century ....

There had been rumours circulating for some time in the slums of the town of Guaruja, near Sao Paulo in Brazil, about a woman kidnapping local children to perform voodoo rituals on them, with the perpetrator alleged to always be carrying a Bible. The stories were posted on the Guaruja Alerta Facebook page, despite the fact that the people running the page were told by police that the rumours weren't true.

Belief In Voodoo Is Strong In Brazil ....

Carrying a Bible in Brazil, is hardly uncommon as its a devoutly Catholic country, so when she was carrying a Bible on the day she was attacked, Fabiane Maria de Jesus should hardly have stood out, but when she was seen giving a banana to a child, it triggered a flash mob to suddenly accuse and attack her ....because belief in Voodoo is almost as strong as Christianity in Brazil .....

"We don't think the owner of the Facebook page is a murderer. We think he is an irresponsible person who should take responsibility for what he has done." said De Jesus' lawyer, Airton Sinto.

And just in case you thought this was a rare example of public mob murder in Brazil, on the 30th June last year, in the remote town of Pio in the state of Maranhão, Otavio da Silva Catanhede Jordan, a football referee was dismembered by a mob of fans. He had given a red card to a player Josenir dos Santos Abreu, who then punched him in the face, and the enraged referee pulled a knife and stabbed him ... things went from bad to worse when 'fans' stormed the pitch, stoned the referee, tied him up, cut off both his hands, and both legs below the knees. Not finished or satisfied with this barbarity, they then decapitated him and stuck his head on a spike in the centre circle of the pitch. 

There was just one man arrested and two on the run .... the stabbed footballer died in the ambulance on the way to hospital, ironically he may well have survived if the paramedics had been called immediately, but the torture and murder of the referee took up the time needed to treat him. Both examples of barbaric and backward behaviour in a so called rising 'superpower' like Brazil, and as bad as in the lands of Islam or India.

Suffice it to say that in a country where the ignorant are in the majority, where superstition and religion hold sway over the poor, the merely stupid are kings ......


  1. Actually its rather shocking that in all these BRIC countrys the economy has run so far ahead of the civil society. Apar from Brazil in the story, Russia hardly has any rule of law and is invading its neighbours. India still has 60% street defaction and girls are gang raped then hung. China is a one party dictatorship, and trying to steal off its neighbours. If this is the new world order then god help us all!

    1. Good point, well made. I missed a chance at a good post or point there.


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