Friday, 27 June 2014

One Rule For Us and Another For Them

As we have seen with the reporting of the Richard Scudamore case, the Media, including the BBC, love to pontificate about anyone who doesn't toe the party line when it comes to any of the great untouchable 'ism's of our time (Racism, Sexism and Multiculturalism), which can be very broadly cast under the Politically Correct banner.

To that end they will join together and attack any individual who is a white male, and whose has had any sort of indiscretion exposed over these issues, in an effort to lose them their job and career, and as a warning example to all the rest of us, to keep our mouths shut and our heads down. Strangely these same media attack dogs are often more reticent when the males involved are not white .... so predatory, racially motivated, grooming of white girls in northern towns, was under reported for at least a decade in the mainstream media.

Similarly the very strange goings on inside Tower Hamlets council, a symptom of which was seen when the London Euro election results in 2014 couldn't fully be declared for several days, because that particular London borough was exhibiting some very strange counting procedural issues, are to say the least also very under reported*.

So when one of their own is caught breaking the rules, you would expect that they would swiftly turn on them wouldn't you?

Sadly, in what I can only declare to be no big surprise, a BBC News Editor on the rolling news channel named Jasmine Lawrence, was also operating a Twitter account under the pseudonym 'Journomummy' .... no problem but ....

She rather weakly tried to disassociate her job on BBC News from her views.

.... it was apparently was largely a re-tweeter vehicle of Labour Party official tweets, which is a bit of a no no during elections. She lives with her husband in a £475,000 house in Henley-upon-Thames, and joined the BBC in 2001, where has held a number of roles within the corporation including running its Westminster desk. She has described herself as being ‘ ... well versed in making decisions - frequently at speed. I have impeccable editorial judgement.’

But even so, why should anyone, let alone me, care about what a white, middle class, middle aged, member of the BBC news team, living in a very white area of London, and supporting the Labour Party, twitters? Well apart from the hypocrisy of her views about white males (considering her own background) .... she also took it upon herself to join in a Labour Party campaign to hijack the UKIP twitter trend #WhyImVotingUkip, which she did by posting the following:

During Elections BBC staff are meant to be neutral ... as well not being hypocrites

She is now hiding behind the BBC's opaque complaints procedures, where an internal 'review' is under way, and she has now deactivated her Twitter account ... obviously this was another 'impeccable editorial judgement'. And as, like the bodies it complains about, the BBC also doesn't make open any of its deliberations, we can expect it to just announce 'no action' at the end of a few weeks .... when the story is largely forgotten.

Visitor have found her Twitter account suddenly gone ... Oops

The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, told the press at the time that ‘For this senior figure in the BBC to show such prejudice when she works for the public service broadcaster is astonishing. If the BBC are serious about challenging bias she should be fired immediately.’  .... no chance.

Obviously, while the BBC is happy to present TV and Radio shows calling for 'White Middle Class males' to be sacked, or resign for overstepping one of the 'isms', its strangely inactive over the same events, when one of its own staff shows less than 'impeccable editorial judgement', and displays political bias during an election campaign, by trying to discredit a political party. So as a 'White Middle Class' female, she will not be sacked or asked to resign .... she will probably carry on with much the same editorial role, after just a quick 're-eduction' class in how to be more subtle when undermining non left-wing organisations.

Given all the issues over Scudamore, you would hope that the BBC would set an example, but in fact you can bet that there is 'One rule for us and another for them'.

*They were still counting council election votes more than three days after polls closed with accusations that police had failed to ensure that counting could take place without interference ..... this after a warning from the Electoral Commission that the borough was at “high risk” of suspected postal electoral fraud. The other factor was that reportedly there were “arguments, threats and chaos at the counting tables” this year, with supporters of Mr Rahman the current Mayor “challenging vote after vote”, and his media supporters free to come and go, while the count was in progress. The police are allegedly not enforcing the electoral laws, with accusations that because all this is being done by 'certain groups' they won't tackle them .... the council is run by a group consisting largely of Asian officials.

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