Friday, 20 June 2014

Wrath Of Kirchner

Argentina builds for another war .... or at least that's the only interpretation one can give to the general increase in attacks on Britain. They are ramping up these attacks, with their latest pathetic little narrow gesture, to make all British shipping lower their Red Ensigns when entering Buenos Aires harbour ....

The latest to feel the 'Wrath of Kirchner' was 'The Queen Victoria', a Cunard Cruise ship ...  Admiral Lord West said "The captain said to me that when they were in Buenos Aires that she'd basically been threatened with a punitive fine of $10,000 and also told there'd be 'trouble' if she didn't take down the Red Ensign ..... "

A Cunard spokesman confirmed: "As requested by the port authorities whilst Queen Victoria was in Argentinian waters the Cunard flag was flown, in this instance, rather than the Red Ensign."
As usual the British Government, in the form of the Foreign Office, issued a pallid limp response saying that it was 'unacceptable harassment and intimidation' ... I'll bet that will do ..... Err, so nothing to stop this latest Argy Bargy and very likely she will eventually nerve herself for another assault on the islands, which we are no longer equipped to retake.

So lets hope that the Argies don't win the World Cup ... Come on Holland or Brazil!

Oh for the days of Maggie!!


The Argentine Football Team have posed with a banner claiming the Falklands as Argentine .... the FIFA response is a pathetic 30,000 Swiss franc fine (£20,000) .... 

Argentine Football Team Put Boot In
.... by pathetic, I cite as an example, that they fined Argentine a whopping 300,000 Swiss franc (£200,000), for just failing to take Argentina players to pre-match news conferences at the World Cup in Brazil. Blatter's priorities shine through ...


  1. "Come on Holland or Brazil!" You sure know how to pick them mate. "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" is what you (and 200 million Brazilians) want to sing.

    1. You were right. Thanks for the comment.


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