Friday, 8 May 2015

Gone To The Dark Side

In a story that illustrates exactly what going to the Dark Side of the force really means (and that's not just breathing through a snorkel and saying 'The Force is strong with this one'), a man (or woman), dressed as Darth Vader held up the State Employees Credit Union in Pineville in North Carolina USA, this was in March 2015 ..... of course this was a serious matter, but no one was hurt in the incident, as the bank tellers wisely complied with his demands ... he or she got away in a grey Chevy Suburban.
Gone To The Dark Side

Strangely these Jedi gone bad stories are quite rare, and in fact there does seem to be a correlation between people in costume often acting in accordance with the attributes of characters they are dressed as .... or the complete opposite.

I just have a terrible soft spot for them, so they get immortalised in this blog whenever I come across them.

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