Friday, 8 May 2015

The Shape Of Elections To Come

Post Election postscript .... one story that captured my attention, and which I saw little reporting on in the non right-leaning press, was that in the area of Cardiff called 'Grangetown', ISIS supporters put up posters warning Muslims not to vote in the UK general elections (it was alleged that on election day, similar posters appeared in Tower Hamlets .... wonder who could be responsible for that?).

The posters described democracy as 'a system whereby man violates the right of Allah", and declared that "Islam is the only real, working solution for the UK." .... this contrasts with a BBC report which indicated that somehow we weren't engaging 'Young Muslims' in 'democracy', and that's why they don't vote. However in a very telling aside, the BBC had to explain that ...

"Despite attempts to include their views in this video, none of the [muslim] women asked were willing to speak on camera." 

Cultural Misogyny Is Hard To Explain Away .... Even At The BBC

Now I realise that the BBC has an agenda which is apparently that, white males are to blame for all things bad, and that Muslims are the victims of oppression when they come to the UK.  However the state of denial of the reality of the world by the BBC, can still be breathtakingly ridiculous.

Anyways, the offending posters were duly removed by Cardiff council workers, but as this was an area from which three known ISIS jihadists, Nasser Muthana, Aseel Muthana and Reyaad Khan, have already headed to Syria to join ISIS as fighters, the suspicion must be that there is a large measure of support for this type of opinion already in that area of Wales.

As I write this post, the Islamic 'Respect party', has performed worse than in the last elections, thus indicating that far from being 'disengaged', many Muslims are still voting for the Labour Party, and that this will continue to be the case into the future. Where that will lead us and the Labour Party its not too hard to envisage, but of course no mainstream commentators will dare to speculate along those lines.

However with regaining of the odious George Galloway's 'Respect Party'
seat in Bradford, and Labour making gains in the boroughs of London, it seems that Labour have retained the ethnic vote in England. But one conclusion must be that at some time soon, the Labour Party, having already lost Scotland to the SNP, will possibly also lose its white working class worker votes to UKIP (if that party survives the election i.e. Nigel Farage remains as leader). 

So with another couple of planks of New Labours Voters Strategy for the 21st century gone (at least for now) .... it just shows what a bunch of idiots the Blair / Brown New Labour leadership really were. Driven as they were by an ideological PC nonsense, that told them that the white English working class, and the Scottish voters generally, were both locked into voting for their party forever .... how very very wrong they were.

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