Friday, 1 May 2015

Pond Life

I have set myself a bank holiday project for May, which is to build a small pond in my back garden.

My Pond For Frogs

This is not some sort of Coy Carp or Goldfish vanity project you understand, but rather to create a 'natural' pond for the frogs that inhabit my garden in increasing numbers. This sudden increase from nearly zero, to a dozen or so, is I believe, due to the ever increasing habitat pressure, as gardens get built over and more people get dogs.

So in something of a measure of atonement for my childhood, when I was responsible for numerous froggy deaths out of a fatal (for the frogs and newts), attraction by the younger me, for amphibious life, I have bent my back, and opened my wallet.

I Woke Up From A Nightmare, Only To Find 'The Frog King' Really Was The Final Judge .....

Maybe now, the 'King Of The Frogs' will not be standing next to Saint Peter, waiting to judge me at the pearly gates.


  1. I have often worried that in hell, the King of the ants is going to pour boiling water over me from a kettle in some terrible retribution for the ant genocides committed by me in my backyard.

    1. We all have little pangs of guilt, when either deliberately or not we harm other creatures .... and those who don't, probably deserve it if a suitable retribution befalls them. Thanks for the comment Patty.

  2. I see you've added a picture of your ouvre, well done.

    I like the image of the angel, where's it from? A famous painting I suppose.

    1. I have since finished it off with some plants and it now has some beetles and 3 small fish (they were caught up in my pond beetle hunt) .... actually I am pretty chuffed with it. Silly I know, but there you are.

      As for the picture .... paintshop is responsible for St Peter, the Frog King and St Peters gates. The main image was just something on the web, it wasn't attributed as anything famous, but it looks well executed. However it looks modern to me.

    2. Apologies for my bad french, ouvre should read oeuvre, bien sûr.

    3. I knew what you meant ....


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