Friday, 1 May 2015

Scotland's Only Choice

The very latest polls suggest that the Scottish National Party will win all 51 Westminster Parliamentary Seats in the General Election. This could well be the final proof, that the decision by the Labour Party under Tony Blair, to needlessly open up the Scottish Devolution question in the 1997 general election, was probably the most catastrophic political miscalculation of all time!

So as we ignored them in an earlier post, we at PC Towers have cast our beady eyes over the Scottish runners and riders, only to find that although Alex Salmond, fresh from his failure on the Scottish Independence referendum, is the leader of the SNP Westminster bid, he has been totally eclipsed (to the point of oblivion), by the new leader of the SNP in Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon, who has dominated the electoral discussions, and even took part in the 'massdebate' (minus David Cameron), even though she is not actually standing for a Westminster seat.

One Of These Rules Scotland ... But All Are Not Standing For A Westminster Seat

In fact, apart from her, and the very distant Mr Salmond, no one else from Scotland even breaks into national news coverage, certainly not the Scottish Labour Party leader, aka 'wazziname' ..... so I am reduced to showing a picture quiz question above, such is her dominance over the whole Scottish election scene.

That there is little point in showing pictures of total unknowns ......

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