Friday, 18 November 2016

The Tail Of Tombili

Tombili was a cat, and a very fat cat indeed.

Tombili The Cat ....

He lived on the streets of Istanbul, and was indeed a well known cat ....

The Mayor knew him and doffed his hat to the fat cat, whenever he was in the Ziverbey neighborhood .... but Tombili would pick and choose, those who he would acknowledge, and those he would not. Such was his fame that his picture appeared around the world after he deigned to pose on Güleç Street for comic site '9GAG'.

Sadly, even fat cats are mortal, and he died on the first of August 2016.

Tombili The Cats Statue .... Returned.

But such was his fame that a local sculptor, Seval Şahin, created a bronze sculpture of Tombili, which was placed in one of his favourite posing spots in a memorial in Istanbul's Kadikoy district. However such are the times in which we live, someone decided that the bronze statute was worth stealing and it disappeared on November the first.

Public outrage ensued ..... Republican People's Party MP Tuncay Ozkan tweeted that "They stole the Tombili statue. They are enemies of everything beautiful. All they know is hate, tears and war. They can't live without those." Even foreign diplomats were upset: the Russian embassy in Ankara tweeted its concern about the statue's fate. Similar sentiments were echoed all over social media ....

Whether it all played on the thief's heart, or the statue was too hot too handle, but on the 10th of November it was found near the spot where it had disappeared. It now once again stands proudly where it should be, and once more Tombili stares out with disdain at his city.


  1. There are few things worse than an image of a fat cat; the feline kind is unnatural and betrays their most respected features, agility and grace, and the human kind is even worse.

    1. Well at least your comment makes it clear where you stand on the subject. Personally I thought it a rather nice story, but I guess it proves that we all take different things from the same facts.


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