Friday, 25 November 2016

Trump That

My last word on the Trump election of 2016 (debacle or triumph .... readers choice).

There is something soft and weak in the current western culture. Without doubt its been introduced in the last two or three decades by a neo-liberal mindset, which makes people unable to deal with any situation without it being seen as someone else's fault, or a cause for displays of mourning in publc spaces.

Miley Cyrus Crying On Social Media After Clinton Loss ....

If nothing else illustrates this, then the news out of the USA that 'celebrities' such as Miley Cyrus, were putting up videos of them crying, like they had lost their money and fame after Trump won. This was then later capped, when it was announced that the 'right on' liberal University campuses across the land, were putting on ..... wait for it .... Grief Counselling Classes.

Yep, the land of the free, and the home of the brave .... where rugged pioneers once roamed, now produces students who are so shattered and left in so much 'shock' because someone they didn't want won the Presidential election, that classes and even some exams had to be cancelled.

Professor Alan Peel at the University of Maryland, was reported as telling his students that he was 'convinced it is necessary'. Similar scenes were repeated at Yale, when the University of California (Berkeley) provided 'Safe spaces' for its ethnic minority students (presumably before the KKK, or hordes of screaming red-necks stormed the campus with burning crosses and ropes) .... just to top this off, they provided 'healing spaces' for women and gays. It continued across the land. The University of Vermont offered tea and medication sessions to its students, and schools in Boston told pupils (too young to vote, old enough to grieve?), that they could bring their pets to school for comfort.

Pass me the (recycled) sick bag ...........

We of course are little better .... some of our student unions were trying to emulate the same thing here (it was a US election you idiots!!), but thankfully it petered out as too stupid for words. However we have had our moments, just look to the reaction to the Brexit vote in some quarters (especially London), and going back further, the death of Princess Diana.

We in the West are our own worst enemies, and perhaps the wave of rebellion by the white working classes that is sweeping the West at the moment, is for the best, because if we carried on down the road we were apparently heading, we would have destroyed ourselves inside a few decades.

The Chinese, nor the Russians are not afflicted with this innate soft centre, and nor indeed are our own white working and under classes, who are remarkably unaffected by many, if any of these 'grief' issues that so overwhelm our pampered classes.

Its they who will survive, not us ....

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