Friday, 25 November 2016

Making A Benefit From Adversity

I once spent a particularly unpleasant time on one of the Greek islands, where the local drainage system was totally inadequate in the summer, leaving what were effectively sewage swamps every spring and summer, in which millions of mosquitoes bred.

Yana Solyarskaya Sweltering In Her Mosquito Costume ....

They plagued me. They tasked me. But most of all they bit me.

So I have some sympathy with the 9 year old Russian girl who won the most 'Tastiest Girl' trophy in the mountain Urals town of Berezniki. Irina IIyukhina was bitten 43 times in the allotted time span for the competition (which oddly enough, was the same number of mozzie bites I had after a week), and which she was able to display to the competition judges.

Irina IIyukhina Bitten 43 Times ....

She took the first prize at the 4th annual Mosquito Festival. Apparently she went berry picking with her mother and she was awarded a ceramic cup in recognition of the welts all over her legs.

I suppose that if you are faced with a negative such as mozzies you might as well make it something of a positive, and celebrate your nemesis, and there is apparently a Great Mosquito Festival in Clute Texas. 

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