Friday, 11 November 2016

Vox Populi USA

So the people have spoken ... Vox Populi applied to the democracy that leads the democratic world, and Donald Trump is the first 'billionaire' President of the United States of America, and leader of the free world.

The Oval Office Awaits Donald Trump ....

Now its only fair to say 'well done'. It is after all an unexpected achievement, and despite the negativity of the dismal presidential campaign that we have just witnessed, he has created some sort of popular white grass roots movement, that has swept him against all the odds into power.

However, its perhaps not totally surprising how 'despised' he is by many of his fellow 'Republicans' ..... he is just not a popular boy with his fellows. Its almost as though they wanted this achievement, but just not by him .... but the records have been written and Donald Trump has broken all the stereotypes ... none can take that away, and whether he is good or bad in the role, history will have to judge (if we are not an irradiated orb floating in space by the time he's finished).

Who knows, he may well grow into the role and become a great President, but somehow its hard to see it not being a very weird and eerie USA for a few years. Still if he somehow brings manufacturing jobs back to the USA rust-belts, and the heartlands of Indiana and elsewhere in the Mid West, then he will be hailed a success by those he appealed directly to.

As for Hilary Clinton, she is not it seems following a manifest destiny to be the first female President of the United States of America, and leader of the free world after all. She has not broken through a glass ceiling of sorts (India, Israel, Pakistan and much of Europe as well, having passed that point some decades ago). This seems to have been for a number of reasons, because on paper she had all the trumps in the card hand when she started.

Its surprising just how few of her 'sisters' have shown any enthusiasm for her, even when they voted for her .... she also is just not a popular girl with her fellows. Its almost as though they wanted this achievement, but just not by her. Hilary Rodham Clinton, is not the first ... history will hardly care.


  1. So many similarities with Brexit; a binary choice with never ending campaigns which presented no facts, on a sea of mistrust of the ruling elite. Trump was clearly a protest vote for a large number of citizens who no longer believe anything a politician has to say.
    We would all like someone like us to make decisions for us, and hopefully while Trump's voters aren't all like him, at least he's not a professional politician, who are nothing like us.

    1. The fact is that over 50% of Americans have not seen their standard of living rise for over 10 years. That is why Trump won. The Clintons amassessment of a fortune of over $150 million since Bill left office, was just an example of how politicians feather their nests with no business acumen but grafting hearts.

    2. Trump has appointed Washington swamp dwellers to his transition team (Lobbyists and insiders), as well as his own family.

      Start as you mean to go on is the saying and Trump is already lying in that swamp and making it even dirtier. Appointing your own family to offices of state or power is something President Assad does. Not the President of the USA.

    3. All valid points. I suspect that Trump could sail perilously close to the edge in his handling of conflict of interests between private and government business. The US may even have to brace itself for an impeachment if he disregards warnings on this front.

      As for the swamp being drained .... I agree that not a good start with his transition team.

      Thanks all for your comments ... a cross section of the opinions this election has engendered across the globe.

  2. #NotMyPresident

    1. I don't have a social media account so the # hashtag means nothing to me.


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