Friday, 25 November 2016

Frying Tonight

We Brits are notorious for our love of a 'Full English', which before some you delve into the murkier parts of your imaginations, is the alternative name given to a British Fry Up. In fact so much do we love this particular meal (especially after a few beers the night before), that we have taken it to foreign climes as our contribution to continental cuisine.

A Full English Breakfast Is A Very Personal Combination Of Foods ......

So now if you go to Spain, Greece, and Portugal and visit any holiday coastal hotspot, you faced with 'Full English' (or occasionally 'Scottish'), signs nearly everywhere you look. These of course can vary greatly (sausages in particular can be somewhat different from the usual type we see at home), in quality and quantity ... they are usually skimpy on the toast for some reason.

The ideal for a 'Full English' has been subject to discussion for decades if not centuries ... a recent study claims to have solved the question of 'What Brits Want'.

Ideally we expect to see:
  1. 2 rashers of Back Bacon
  2. 2 Sausages (not frankfurters)
  3. 1 - 2 Fried eggs (72 per cent to 27 percent scrambled)
  4. A helping of mushrooms
  5. A helping of beans (preferably Heinz)
 Plus in the ultimate UK version
  1. 1 slice of Black pudding (fried blood product)
  2. 1 Hash brown
  3. 1 Slice of Fried Bread (2 for me please!!)

..... Heinz Tomato Ketchup has to be made available (being preferred at 42 per cent to 34 percent over Brown sauce). This plus a few slices of toast if required make up the components of our ideal breakfast. We enjoy this meal so much that we eat these in every hotel we go to, and at least twice a month at home.

Continentals Prefer This Choice For Breakfast ...

It may look like a calorie bound mess to many from abroad, but to the Brits, this is apparently the epitome of living the relaxed weekend dream!

1 comment:

  1. Yes please! Not a fan of the baked beans though.


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