Friday, 11 November 2016

What's Good For The Goose

Apparently only one in twenty five magistrates in England and Wales is aged under forty years ... and (a presumably shocking), eighty nine per cent are white. These shocking statistics were reported by a committee of MP's on the Commons Justice Committee, who claimed that action was needed to recruit younger and more diverse JP's.

Commons Justice Committee ......

The membership of this committee was:

  • Robert Neill (Chair) Conservative (White male).
  • Richard Arkless Scottish National Party (White male).
  • Alex Chalk Conservative (White male).
  • Alberto Costa Conservative (White male).
  • Philip Davies Conservative (White male).
  • Kate Green Labour (White female).
  • Mr David Hanson Labour (White male).
  • John Howell Conservative (White male).
  • Victoria Prentis Conservative (White female).
  • Marie Rimmer Labour (White female).
  • Keith Vaz Labour (Asian male - resigned).

So ninety per cent of the committee was white, ten per cent were Asian, and thirty per cent female .... oh, and all were in their forties or well above that.

MP's general have around currently 191 female MPs, out of a total 650 members of parliament, and ethnic minorities are currently around 6% of the Members of both Houses. Which compares with 13% of UK population. I believe the current figures for MP's only, are 41 ethnic minority MPs out of a total 650 members of parliament which is less than ten per cent.

Hypocrisy is a nasty thing in any profession, but in MP's, its a rank smell that we all get a whiff of far too often.

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