Friday, 18 November 2016

An Office Hazard

We have all seen it at work .... that email that is sent to everyone in the organisation (usually its clicking 'Reply All' that does the trick), when it should have been solely to the original sender. Sometimes these email sends are embarrassing as personal comments, or even affairs are exposed, but mainly they are a pain in the butt for everyone else who receives them.

Overwhelmed By Emails .... An Office Hazard

Sometimes this is in obvious error, and sometimes its down to basically stupid people, who don't care that they have clogged up the email server with a meaningless response or query.

Occasionally one hears of a reprimand for the person who sends out replies to emails like this (especially if the send list included the senior management, or company directors), but usually nothing much seems to get done, and so every now and then it happens again.

I was reminded of all this when I saw a story about a 'test' email message, that was sent by someone in the NHS ... it was accidentally sent to the NHSmail server, and hence to over 1.2 million NHS staff recipients. This, and the subsequent attempts of over a million recipients to 'remove themselves' from the senders mailing list, meant that the entire NHS email system ground to a halt. The accidental spammer in effect performed a DOS (Denial of Service) attack on their own organisation

In the end NHS staff had to resort to social media to request people to stop replying to the email. One NHS user sarcastically posted "Slow hand-clap for the individual that sent a test email to the entire NHSmail user base, and bravo to to those that replied to it"

It was expected to take about a day to unclog the system.

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