Friday, 10 February 2017

A Visionary Man

Hans Rosling, a man who was something of a visionary in the normally dry world of Statistics and Data Analytics's, died of cancer this week.

It was a sad loss, as anyone who saw his TED talk on how data can be obtained, visualised, and used, will attest. I won't attempt to explain how revolutionary that talk was, but simply as a tribute, I will simply add it to this post.

Copyright and Credit to TED as the owner of this TED Talk

I would recommend that if you haven't watched it, you do so, as its a real eye opener as to how we might view the world if we saw data correctly as a living and evolving thing.

What was interesting was how he showed that there is no longer a 'third world' in the way that lazy journalists (and bloggers) commonly use the term.

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