Friday, 17 February 2017

Once A Green And Pleasant Land

Gypsy Invasions are usually nothing to do with the English Roma and all to do with Irish council estate dwellers getting into caravans, and invading the UK each summer. They call themselves travellers and claim legal protection, after the Labour Party classified them as a racial minority. They are nothing of the sort, and are simply the worst of Irish society committing crimes in England.

Tinkers, Travellers, Rubbish and Dogs .... That's What A 'Gypsy Invasion' Is Made Of.

So the latest Gypsy Invasion newspaper stories almost certainly are referring to Irish travellers .... a few years ago one of these gangs just broke into a cricket club, and then parked on and destroyed the club pitch - consequences for them, none. Recently another group just broke into and parked their caravans on to a golf club fairway. Needless to say they damaged the course, and consequences for the travellers, none.

The latest version of this ever increasing problem, is that these travellers are simply invading hospital car parking spots. In April 2016 a traveller group rolled into the car park of the George Eliot hospital in Nuneaton, Warwickshire where they instantly started throwing rubbish out and let their dogs run loose.

As usual the police could do absolutely nothing effective, and the travellers just ignored requests to leave. This was the second such invasion in the area .... a week earlier a similar thing happened at Coventry University hospital .... it may even be the same traveller group.

I just don't understand my own country anymore .... socially unacceptable actions which we would have not tolerated in earlier decades, we just stand around wringing our hands at. These people are taking the piss .... they take tolerance for weakness, and exploit every law we create (usually at our own expense). The city of Manchester for example last year just shrugged its shoulders and accepted open squatter camps, as well as rough sleepers, who made semi permanent begging station and sleeping camps in Piccadilly gardens in the city centre. Eventually they cleared them off, but only after months of prevarication, and then fenced off the land, denying everyone access.

We seem to have just abandoned the notion of civic responsibility, with hospitals, the police (whose hands are tied), universities and councils unwilling, or unable, to actually clear our public land of illegal occupations, even though its they who are responsible for the evictions.

If this government wants to win back some support within its own party after the EU referendum, they might well start by forcing these public bodies to tackle public space squatters, immediately, with prison sentences for offenders. Before we lose what was once a green and pleasant land.

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